Addressing Almond Production Challenges: Hull Rot and Ganoderma

June 25, 2019

The Heritage Room of the Tulare International Agri-Center was the location for our almond grower focused seminar.  The program began with Dr. Jim Adaskaveg of UC Riverside, who presented his research titled ‘Epidemiology and Management of Almond Hull Rot.’  We learned what an important role diKaP played in his research, and how adding it to the tank lowered the incidence of hull rot.

We then heard from Jared Sannar, agronomist from Redox who gave detailed information on mitigating plant stress and fertility needs at hull split and postharvest.

Bob Johnson from UC Davis then offered an update on his research into the spread of Ganoderma throughout the orchards of the California almond industry.



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