Soil Basics offers complete service and sales of the pHertigater and Ag Solution Master, injection machines designed to inject a number of amendment and fertilizing materials directly into irrigation water.  The pHertigater features a ‘Gaterater’ port which allows materials in nearby freestanding tanks to be injected directly without passing through the pHertigater’s tank.

Many materials are compatible when mixed and can be injected together, or they may be injected alone. A jar test at diluted rates is always advisable. Materials containing phosphorous should not be mixed and injected with materials containing calcium.

Many other materials, including seaweed and fish hydrolysate/emulsion are also easily injected:

  • Solution Grade Gypsum
  • Ground Limestone
  • Potassium Sulfate
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Ammonium Sulfate
  • Ammonium Nitrate
  • Calcium Nitrate
  • Humic Acid – Liquid or Dry
  • UAN–32 (32-0-0)
  • 7–21–0 or 10–34–0
  • Iron Sulfate
  • Manganese Sulfate
  • Boric Acid (17.5%)
  • Micronized Sulfur
  • ‘PeaK’ Monopotassium Phosphate

Our service team can also assist with the repair or relocation of your current Domtar, Ag Solution Master and pHertigator gypsum machines and their silos. We have a complete inventory of parts on hand.

We also install new silos and gypsum machines, and can assist with the delivery and application of fertilizer and chemical products.