Considerations for Post Harvest Plant Health & Nutrition Inputs

September 17, 2019

Our September seminars were held in two locations, September 10th in Selma and September 17th in Delano.  Our focus was reviewing the nutritional needs of trees and vines post harvest.

Julie Sannar opened each seminar reminding us that post harvest is the time to prepare for next season.  Nutrition applied at this time equals increased stored energy, increased production of fruiting buds, increased resistance to pests and disease, assists in the formation of a healthy root system and stimulates the soil biology.  Stored energy in the plant is what allows the crop to push next year.  Julie also reminded us that the plant’s priority to move nutrition will be 1) fruit, 2) root development and 3) shoot development.

In Selma we heard from John Susoeff and Beth Boss from the Fresno County Department of Agriculture, who delivered presentations on the ‘Top 10 Pesticide Use Violations of 2018’ and ‘Pesticide Drift Prevention’.

In Delano we heard from Daniel Ramirez and Monica Weinberg from the Kern County Department of Agriculture, who delivered the ‘BeeWhere’ presentation.



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