Beyond Gypsum… Alternatives to Classical Soil Amendments

May 21, 2019

On Tuesday, May 21st we hosted a well attended seminar at the Ford Theater in Shafter.  Featured Speakers were Julie Sannar of Soil Basics, Waldo Moraga of ECO2MIX, Jared Sannar of Redox, Nathan Stewart of AgVantage, Jim White of Soil Basics, and John Moriconi of Nu-Edge Solutions Australia.

Our focus was learning more about modern options for amending the soil to allow better water infiltration and permeability, with the goal of providing a better environment for roots.  Soil pore volume, pore size, and our water and soil chemistry are all variables in this process.  We reviewed new technology available in irrigation scheduling, and soil moisture and weather monitoring, providing real-time information at your fingertips.  We reviewed the importance of analyzing your soil test data and addressing water penetration issues first before starting your fertilizer applications.  We received some product descriptions of our current water and soil amendment products, and their usage in different soil and pH situations.

Each attendee received a sample pack containing the following products: Phoenix, Phoenix Max, Ultra Marine, Oxonium, Mainstay Calcium, PeneCal, Soilex, PN Carbon 1-3-3, C-Four, C-Four Mono, C-Four AP and Helix Carom.

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