Annual Grower Seminar

January 14, 2020

We kicked off our 25th anniversary with our Annual Grower Seminar. We cannot thank our customers enough, without you we would not be in business today. Thank you to everyone that came to make the day a success.

Julie Sannar started the meeting with a brief talk about what the last 25 years have looked like at Soil Basics. Soil Basics has grown a lot in the last 25 years. In the 25th year, we offer many different micronutrients, product lines, and other services to our growers. We look forward to striving for more success through our growers and providing them with the soil basics they need.

We were lucky enough to be joined by our guest speakers who informed growers on the wide variety of topics they each spoke on. Russell Taylor, President of Humic Products Trade Association talked about the benefits of adding fulvic acid to increase the solubility of products in grower’s programs. Megan Townsend, Founder of Crop Matters, discussed the exciting trial results she had from the 2019 using Soil Basics products. John Moriconi, Director of NuEdge Solutions, Australia talked about the C-Four technologies and two different trials where great results were found. Tom Devol from Almond Board of California gave us an update on the almond industry in California. Ron Helland, President of SOBEC presented his presentation on ‘The History and Future of Microbial Augmentation.’ Jared Sannar from Redox talked about the many abiotic stresses, how they affect crops, and how to combat these stresses with micronutrients. We had a blitz talk where Waldo Moraga with ECO2 Mix gave a brief introduction to growers of what they can offer. Jim White and Katie McCullough from Beyond Agronomics, discussed trial results and how those agronomic decisions will be beneficial in the season to come. Blake Ueki with Soil Basics discussed the current and future plans for the SBC Research Farm.

We had two special speakers that brought a lot of great knowledge and discussion to our meeting. Dr. James White, from Rutgers University gave his presentation on ‘How Plants Use Soil Microbes to Obtain Nutrients.’ As well as Gary Zimmer, Founder of MidWestern BioAg spoke about farming the microbes and how important soil nutrition is to the success of the crop.

We loved having each of our speakers with us and look forward to the 2020 season and serving our customers in the next 25 years of business!

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