Influence of Early Inputs on Yield and Quality of Raisin, Wine and Table Grapes

April 9, 2019

We hosted two seminars a week apart from each other addressing early inputs for the grape industry – Hodel’s in Bakersfield on April 2nd and the Spike N’ Rail in Selma on April 9th.  Both seminars began with some great food and quickly progressed into some great discussions on essential nutrients for this time of year in grape farming, led by Julie and Jim.

Julie reminded us that without proper nutrition, genetic potential cannot be reached.  The goal is to achieve a balance between providing needed energy and providing the proper nutrition.  Jim went on to explain the nutrients critical at pre-bloom to provide bunch formation and stretch, and detail was given on our products that provide that needed nutrition at this time.  Some detail was also given on some new products recently released and some trials that are underway on those products with promising results.

We look forward to follow up grape seminars during the season…



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