Ultra Marine is a stable chemical compound of Hydronium (H9O4) which contains trace micro nutrients.

  • Ultra Marine is a non-corrosive acid with a pH <1
  • 100% solubility in water
  • Reduces bicarbonates in the soil and irrigation water
  • Worker safety issues eliminated as with sulfuric acid
  • One time well shock treatment vs. continuous drip

Dripline Cleaning & Maintenance

Use 2 quarts – 4 gallons per treated acre (Cleans lines without worker safety issues)

Well Shock & Perforation Cleaning

Requires water titration (Increases volume & efficiency. Decreases water pH)

Soil Nutrient Release

Use 1-10 gpa depending on irrigation method & soil type (Solubilizes soil nutrients. Increases water penetration through soil profile)