Citrus Planted 07.31.19
The citrus trees were planted during the middle of July 2019.  The drip and sprinkler lines were also installed.
Deep Ripping Citrus 05.07.19
In preparation for planting the citrus, the ground was deep ripped to open things up and break apart any hardpan layers.
Shop Pad Completed 04.12.19
Dirt being brought in to level off and be compacted for the new shop pad.  Construction of the new shop should begin soon!
Pecan Irrigation Completed 04.03.19
The pecan orchard irrigation system lines and valves were completed on March 21, 2019.  
Pecan Planting Finished 03.18.19
The remainder of the pecan orchard was planted on Saturday, March 17, 2019.
New Well Construction 02.19.19
A good water source is fundamental in agriculture.  Drilling of our new well began in January of 2019.
SBC Agronomy Breaks Ground 06.06.18
In 2018 we broke ground for our SBC Agronomy project.  The old walnut trees came down and the ground was ripped and leveled.  Pecan trees have been planted.  We are currently in the process of evaluating varieties for table grapes, cherries and citrus to be planted in their respective areas.  The irrigation system is partially… View Article