Grower’s Secret Soluble Corn Steep Powder (GSCS 7-6-4) is a water soluble product derived from corn steep liquor.

Use as part of an overall nutrient management program in organic and conventional production to provide NPK to support plant growth and correct nutrient deficiencies, improve plant quality and plant appearance. GSCS 7-6-4 can be applied as a stand-alone product and is compatible with other supplements and pest control products.

Derived from plant protein hydrolysate
• 100% water soluble
• Can be used as a foliar spray or through irrigation
• Contains no animal protein or by products

• Helps chelate other nutrients
• Supports abundant root formation and soil microbial activity

• 2lbs. to 20lbs. per acre when plants are actively growing or as needed according to your nutrient management program based on soil and tissue analysis.