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Redox Ag is the industry leader in scientifically-developed plant growth solutions. The wide range of specialty agricultural fertilizers we produce are highly efficient, with unique benefits for your crops and the environment.

Through the agricultural fertilization solutions produced by the Science of Redox, growers are discovering healthy plants and high crop yields with an environmentally-responsible approach to nutrition.

SPS Atlantis

The lack of understanding what is happening under the soil surface with our irrigations, is one of the biggest mysteries of water management.

SPS Phoenix

This soil-applied calcium product is able to do many things from provide calcium nutrition, to rapid pH adjustment and structural improvement. With its microscopic size and high percentage of unreacted calcium, Phoenix is one product every soil program will need.

A microbial solution that contains a broad diversity of beneficial microorganisms, and biologically derived organic acids that augments microbial activity. For use as a biological soil amendment and biological soil conditioner.

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