SBC foliar products are formulated to efficiently supply nutrients to the plant through plant foliage. These products are formulated with combinations of amino, fulvic, humic, and carboxylic acids, plant extracts, and sugars. These products work with the bio-chemistry of the plant while providing essential macro and micro nutrients. These products when used at their recommended rates are safe for plant tissue and the environment. These products are compatible with fungicides, and insecticides. Please consult with your SBC representative for specific crop applications.

Soil Amendments

SBC markets a large variety of soil amendments to meet the needs of any soil issue. These products assist in water penetration, soil re-flocculation, and nutrient and oxygen management. SBC representatives are trained to access and recommend the right soil amendment for any soil issue. Please consult your SBC representative for specific recommendations.

Soil Nutrients

SBC soil nutrients combine the highest quality raw products with advanced proprietary formulations to bring you products that deliver macro and micro nutrients to the plant, in the most efficient manner. These products are formulated to protect against nutrient tie up on soil colloids or soil organic matter. These products continue to provide better cost efficiencies in side by side comparisons to conventional fertilizers.

Specialty Products

SBC offers several quality specialty products. These products range from foliar and soil adjuvants, biological fungicides, soil penetrants, and organic fertilizers. These products are at the top of class for use as tools for special issues that Growers might encounter in their farming operations.